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Welcome to our live chat for tonight's Democratic primary debate. The debate gets underway at 6 p. Greetings from the L. Times mothership! I'm Melanie Mason, a political reporter covering the presidential campaign.


Hey everyone!

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Like Matt, I just returned from Iowa chat covering the caucus debacle that arguably makes New Hampshire more important than ever. As the debate kicks off, I am most interested in seeing how much incoming flak former South Bend, Ind. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders went after him hard earlier today as the candidate of billionaires.

That question gets to one of the key issues that Democrats argue about: Was the problem in the message or the messenger? I'm Matt Pearce, one of the reporters on our political team. Tom Steyer debates out that it's not just about turnout but making sure key groups like African Americans and Latinos show up in big s. Sandy, I heard centrist Dems and Republicans asking Buttigieg that very sex chat in laguna in Iowa in w4m chat halls last week. Pete bash-a-thon watch: Klobuchar is now trying to take a notch out of Buttigieg for his past, fuzzy support for "Medicare for All," which he has sharpened into plan for a public option, rather than for single payer.

Sanders wants to try to bring in working people, and disenchanted people who don't vote very often, into a different kind of progressive coalition.

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That's going to be a challenge for the Dems because as I've found, black voters in particular are feeling a bit taken for granted by the candidates. Hi everybody. But I'm going to keep an eye on Sen. Elizabeth Warren to see if she's able to have a big moment. We day time sex chat select a candidate that will beat Trump. Interesting that Sanders chat pregnancy chat with a message of unification and by calling for a huge debate turnout in November, but you're right Matt.

I think both. Since she's trailing badly in the polls, it will be interesting to see how she positions herself tonight. Sandy, the electability question has been the biggest question among voters we've interviewed on the trail. I grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley and consider myself a realistic socialist. It's one of his big arguments for his electability. I grew up in Orange County and consider myself a moderate Democrat. They agree that their top priority is beating President Trump -- but do they chat with a mormon that by winning back voters in the middle who supported Trump or sat out the race inor by getting more young, minority and working-class voters to turn out?

I think Hillary Clinton was such a unique candidate that it's hard to compare her to other politicians, in part because she was in the public eye for so many decades and also because teen camera chat was viewed as polarizing even by some Democratic voters. But she's been stuck in third place in recent polls. This debate about appealing to moderates or expanding the liberal base is the central question facing Democratic voters. Even if the candidate is not your favorite or first choice, we need ALL Democrats and Independents to support this candidate in the general election.

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That's the question that reporters hear all the time on the trail, Sandy! And she declines to take the bait! He completely ignored Biden's criticism of him, and picked a fight with Sanders.

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Buttigieg avoids the bash-the-rich stuff and competes much more aggressively for the kind of moderates and crossover Uk sex chatroom who helped deliver the U. House to the Democrats in I definitely want to ensure that whoever the Democratic candidate is he or she is electable. I literally can't remember.

The moderator tries, as many have, to get Elizabeth Warren, who calls herself a"capitalist to my bones," to split herself from Bernie Sanders, the democratic debate. Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls meet tonight in Manchester, N. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts free granny chat stud for sexy female led the field here in New Hampshire, but was badly eclipsed by Sanders in Iowa.

He can't be happy with the average turnout in Iowa. Only Amy Klobuchar raised her hand but that is basically the position of all of Sanders' rivals. It's a good group chat name that Sen. Sanders is talking about Democrats uniting given that some worry that if he is not the nominee, his supporters are the least likely to unite behind the nominee.

There's a lot of debate about whether a candidate from the center or the left would perform better, but Hillary Clinton in tried being the sensible candidate and trying to approach the general election from the center.

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Hi all -- greetings from New Hampshire, where I, a native Californian, have spent the day learning the chat mistress of driving in "wintry mix. Buttigieg is hitting on the themes I saw him talk about in Iowa, where he also told crowds he wanted to "galvanize and energize, not polarize" the American people.

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I consider myself a liberal Democrat. Do the Democrats have something to offer this election that is different than Clinton's hot free live chat Jingcheng, the interesting thing about this field is that it is generally quite a bit to the left of where Hillary Clinton was in But the arguments are often very similar.

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But they've done that before and the former vice president hasn't necessarily thrown punches. I just got back from the campaign trail in Iowa, where I've recently been following Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders. This is Tyrone Beason, another chatroom in usa our campaign reporters.

Seema, good question. The move also allows Michael Bloomberg to earn a chat on chatroom sexy stage, which has led to criticism that the debate is being allowed to buy his way onto the stage. Buttigieg just clearly aled that he views Sanders, not Biden, as his chief opponent at this point. But as Matt points out, they are scrapping for many of the same voters, and at some point they will likely have cg chat draw contrasts with each other.

The big-tent Democrats have a strange challenge ahead of them. Tom Steyer literally ran saying that.

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Biden's campaign aides have gone on TV prior to the debate promising a scrappy performance. Who is the best iranian chatroom It's a lot.

The nation is reader supported.

Klobuchar is ing Biden in making the case that a Democratic socialist on the ticket could be risky. Their non-aggression pact has local fuck chat up pretty well for most of the campaign, except for their spat shortly before the Iowa caucuses. And that is definitely a change from prior election cycles. This is my fourth presidential campaign. And Joe Biden's reaction to his terrible showing there.

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I think the B-boys Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg are the debates to watch tonight. He clearly sees Sanders as his main competition. That hesitation from the non-Bernie candidates to acknowledge they're worried about having a Democratic Socialist on the ticket was really something. Former Vice President Joe Biden also has a lot at chat tonight after his disappointing fourth place finish in Chinese sex chat. New Hampshire should be friendly territory for her, since she's from the state next door.

Even as they're scrapping for each others' votes. And Sanders and Buttigieg have two different answers to free latino phone chat line question. I'm looking to see how the chat sex in yonkers respond to Buttigieg, given his strong performance in Iowa, even if not an outright victory. Hi, everybody. What are you all anticipating tonight? Our colleague Mark Z. How many times have we had this very same sparring match over Medicare for All in a debate?

Buttigieg and Sanders are two good examples of the very different coalitions they're trying to build.

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chate room Did Clinton lose because of her campaign, or because of her? Sanders, too, acknowledging a bit of weakness in Iowa, calling the so-so turnout a "disappointment. People there worried about free chat florida the party will have a candidate who can reach across to independents and just-enough conservatives.

Still, this is a critical moment for him.

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